Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA Youth Volunteer: Connor Farley


Why Do I Volunteer?

I volunteer because I like spending time with people that love to do what I love to do playing basketball and I love watching the kids grow into better and better players each week.

Why Do I Volunteer At The YMCA?

I have been going to the Eau Claire YMCA fairly regularly since I was about six so when I was given the opportunity to work and volunteer at the YMCA it was something I was excited about.

What Is My Favourite Thing About Volunteering?

My favourite thing about volunteering is the relationships that I build with the kids and other volunteers.

What Is My YMCA Story?

I started attending YMCA day camps at about 8 years old and spent several summers there. I started to spend a lot of time there and when I heard of a job and volunteering opportunities at the beginning of 2016 I knew I wanted to do that.