Saddletowne Youth: Alexandra Bowman


Why do I volunteer?

I volunteer because I really enjoy working with kids and youth, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Why do I volunteer with the YMCA specifically? 

About two years ago I was looking for a summer job and I knew about the YMCA summer day camps, unfortunately I was not old enough at the time to be an employee but I was old enough to be a volunteer. I enjoyed volunteering over the summer with the camps that I asked Adam if I would be able to continue after summer was over as well.

What is my favourite thing about volunteering?

I get to work with a bunch of other age groups and youth programs they the YMCA has available to youth. My all time favourite thing though is probably watching some of the youth who start off really quiet and shy open up and begin to make new friends and emerge from their little hideout.

What is your YMCA story?

I came looking for a summer job but I wasn’t old enough yet. I was offered a spot as a volunteer and I thought that it would be good practice for summer camps if I decided to continue. I enjoyed my summer volunteering so much that I decided to continue throughout the school year and again last summer.