The Lamer Family


4:15 p.m. – The Lamer family picks up their three kids from child care which they are able to access through the help of YMCA Calgary’s Strong Kids Campaign donors. Every hour of every day, YMCA Calgary is making a difference in someone’s life.

After announcing the upcoming arrival of their third child, Jason and Shelley Lamer anticipated the natural challenge of being outnumbered by their kids and planned for the extra commitment. What they never could have planned for was Shelley’s Stage 3 cancer diagnosis, just two weeks after the birth of their youngest child.

“Things started moving quickly because I have Stage 3 breast cancer, an aggressive form of cancer. I did about six weeks of radiation every single day and all this time, I had a baby and two other kids. It was very difficult for us and Jason had to handle a lot. I couldn’t help, I couldn’t do anything and I would struggle daily.”

They soon realized that a YMCA membership with options for fitness programs and quality child care was necessary for Shelley’s recovery as well as their kids’ health, growth and well-being.

“My oncologist tells me that I need to do 40 minutes a day of physical activity and of course we had money problems because of my illness and the YMCA gave us a membership for a very low fee.”

“In the summer, my six-year-old did two camps and swimming lessons so I was able to get some rest this summer after undergoing radiation. I was having trouble being able to take care of the kids and the YMCA also offered to watch my children in child care.”

Thanks to support provided through the Strong Kids Campaign and the generosity of partners like Remington Development Corporation, which is the naming sponsor of the Remington YMCA, the Lamer’s home branch, families can access the quality programs and services offered by the Y. Remington Development Corporation also built the Quarry Park Child Development Centre where the Lamer’s youngest daughter spends her days. This investment, and the generosity of all YMCA donors, creates necessary supports.

“It means so much to our family… I want them [Strong Kids Campaign donors] to know that they’re helping a family that really, really needed it and it’s making a big difference in our life.”